Theresa Joyce received her undergraduate degree in Fine Art and Psychology from UC Santa Cruz in 1987. After working in the corporate sector for ten years she decided to pursue a career in art and horticulture. She is now a visual artist and garden designer based in Sonoma county.

Theresa enjoys telling a story with her paintings and exploring the interplay between what is real and imagined. Her paintings and garden art are colorful, whimsical and very playful. The Renaissance period, Indian art and children’s books are strong influences in her work.

Theresa feels that her art and garden work are interconnected. “Painting requires problem solving similar to designing a garden. Like a painting, gardening utilizes color, texture and composition with one added complexity: plants are alive so the work is ever changing, growing and developing so you are never completely in control, which is a good lesson.”

Being a perpetual daydreamer has served Theresa well. “Since the job of an artist is to create a new or different reality for the viewer, I see daydreams as an important ingredient in an artist’s work.” She is thankful that her parents and teachers encouraged her artistic sensibilities.

Nature, plants and the habitat of the redwood forest where Theresa lives continue to be rich sources of inspiration for her work. Joy Ridge Ranch, the home she shares with her husband Octavio, her lovable Maine Coon cat, chickens, and several pygmy goats is located in Occidental, California.